We can install and service a number of different manufacturers based on your needs. Aerobic treatment units (ATU) are specialized septic tanks that are required in certain situations. An ATU introduces oxygen into the septic tank which allows aerobic bacteria to further break down effluent before it enters the drainfield. The most common reason an ATU is required is due to density restrictions. Brevard County ordinance requires a variance and ATU when 30% of a block is occupied by a residence. There are various ways to avoid installing an ATU, ½ acre or greater lot, city water looping the block.

Performance based treatment systems (PBTS) are an even more advanced type of septic tank with varying degrees of treatment. PBTS have the ability to reduce certain key contaminants in effluent (nitrogen, phosphorous, etc.) and are required in certain situations, predominantly when a system needs to be installed within 100’ of the Indian River Lagoon. There are specific advantages you can apply when installing a PBTS which allow greater flexibility when designing your dream house. The variance and permitting processes typically involved with these types of systems are more complex and time consuming. Let Harbor Septic’s regulatory experience in this field streamline the process and get you in your new home sooner.

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