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Harbor Septic offer a full service permitting package.

 We can handle even the most complex permitting issues in a timely manner. We can help steer you through the permitting process or troubleshoot your existing permit application. Brevard County is notoriously thorough in their permit reviews and the process can be difficult and lengthy to the untrained contractor. Whether it be new construction or repair to an existing residence we guarantee to have the fastest permit turnaround time in Brevard County.

We offer services to help you obtain an Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) operating permit which is required by state law if your property has an ATU installed. We also offer maintenance agreements on ATU systems to service your system twice per year to keep your system in compliance and recommend any additional repairs to prolong the life of your system. We also specialize in commercial operating permits and system sizing. The septic code is both vague and complex when it comes to commercial system sizing. Keith’s experience with the Department of Health working in the commercial division provides unique insight into the complex processes associated with commercial permitting and will help get your business up and running faster. Call us today to get started on your permit!

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