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Tank Abandonment


Harbor Septic offers tank abandonment services to fit your needs. All septic tank abandonments in the state of Florida must be completed by a registered septic contractor. 

Demolition companies and excavating contractors are not licensed to do this type of work. This will put your property out of compliance and your permit will be voided. 

Avoid this mistake and have Harbor Septic quickly and legally complete your project. We offer abandonment in place (bottom of tank is ruptured and tank is filled with sand) or complete removal and disposal of tanks.

The removal process

Removing a septic tank from your property can be a little on the pricey side depending on the size of the tank and if the tank is full or not. To remove the septic tank, it will need to be pumped first. This will cost a few hundred dollars. Once the tank is empty, it can be dug up and removed from the ground.

The removal process

Removing a septic tank isn’t a simple task so plan on a day or two of work on your property. After we empty the septic tank, we have to dig around it to expose the inlet and outlet lines. Inlet lines will be capped as well as the exit lines to the drainfield if it isn’t being removed as well. Once the lines are capped, the septic tank is pulled from the ground and placed on a truck to be hauled away. Dirt will be brought in to fill the hole where the septic tank was then tamped down to reduce the amount of settling over time. If you would like us to seed the area after removal, we can do so, just let us know.

Disposing a septic tank

There are strict rules and guidelines for septic tank installation, and removal.

Once we remove the septic tank we follow Florida state regulations for proper disposal.

Concrete septic tanks are usually crushed, as well as metal tanks. Plastic tanks are disposed of differently.

If you would like to know more about your old septic tank’s impact on the environment, just ask.

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